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German Shepherd Agility Training

GSD German Shepherd Agility Training. It all began in England, not so very long ago. Fashioned after horse Show Jumping, Agility made its debut as a demonstration in the UK at Crufts in 1978.

Crufts German Shepherd Agility

German Shepherd Shandy and handler Sonja in action during the dog agility event, Cats and Dogs exhibition, Johannesburg, South Africa.

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German Shepherd Types - German Shepherd Guide

As a versatile utility dog, the German Shepherd Dog breed has several different "types" that have their own origin, history and unique traits.

Choosing Between a Female vs. Male German Shepherd

Female German Shepherd dogs are easier to train and make better contenders for sports competitions, such as for agility and rally obedience.

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german shepherd agility. Dog Agility Class at The Dog's Place located north of Atlanta, GA. Ginsey St. Croix head instructor..

German Shepherd Agility Training helps pets To Vent out their energies

Through German shepherd agility training your pet dog learns to release their pent up energy constructively. They also learn to be happy without being destructive.

General Overview of the German Shepherd Dog - The German...

...German Shepherd Dog enthusiasts of the sport of IPO have in regard to the German Shepherd Dogs construction and in that context, for other than light framed Malinois like agility and Greyhound...

German shepherd videos

My German Shepherd loves it family a lot and does not accept strangers easily, which makes it a good watch dog.

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Our German Shepherds are candidates for agility, obedience, search & rescue, Police work, guard dogs, or loving family companions.

German Shepherd Facts and Need To Know Information

German shepherds that are bred for Schutzhund, or all-breed performance events, such as herding, agility, obedience, tracking, and other dog sports, are very similar to working dogs.

German Shepherd Dog - Dog Breed Standards

Mental exercise (advanced obedience classes, agility classes, schutzhund, tracking, herding) is even more important for German Shepherds.

Difference between German Shepherd and Doberman

German Shepherds have a great nature and fertile minds. Lots of action and work out will make them happy, but tracking, obedience and agility games or any other task-oriented activity...

Blue German Shepherd for Sale with Cost and Breeders

Blue German Shepherd rescue organizations are not that spread. Most of them cooperate with the main organizations responisble for rescue of any GSD types.

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The German Shepherd. is a relatively new German breed of large-sized dogs originating back to 1899 designed

German Shepherd Agility Competition Stock Photos - 63 Images

Photo of German shepherd during an agility dog competition Adult German Shepherd Running Through the Grass. German Shepherd on agility competition...

The German Shepherd Breed - Deutscher Schäferhund

At an agility demonstration, a lady was overheard saying that she just had to meet the German Shepherd puppy. Thinking of Getting a German Shepherd Dog Puppy?

White German shepherds Origins History little known facts

Many white German shepherd owners begin to do agility training with their dogs to give them both a physical and mental workout.

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At Givenhaus German Shepherds, we selectively breed top German bloodlines to produce German Shepherd dogs that will be superior in Search and Rescue, Police, Schutzhund, Agility...

German Shepherd Dog Facts, Pictures, & Breed Info - petMD

The German Shepherd's body is long -- generally between 22 and 26 inches -- in proportion to its height. This gives the dog strength, agility, elasticity and long, elegant strides.

German Shepherd FAQ: Frequently Asked Questions

But you can still register these dogs and compete with them in activities such as obedience and agility. Finally, German Shepherds can be solid black or solid white.

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We are a small hobby breeder of German Shepherd Dogs located in Sand Springs, Oklahoma, approximately 30

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We are devoted to raising old fashioned type German Shepherd Dogs that first and foremost make exceptional companions but are also capable of doing obedience competition, agility, therapy work...

Sehr Gut Wesen German Shepherd

...DDR, and German West Show lines creating versatility; exhibiting not just one character of the German Shepherd breed, but a combination of beauty and agility.AKC, OFA...

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The puppies from our German shepherd breeding program are suitable for Schutzhund, agility, protection, police duty or as family pets.

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We take pride in producing German Shepherd Dogs that can win in the conformation show ring and are used successfully for Search & Rescue, Herding, Guide Dogs, Therapy dogs, Agility dogs...

German Shepherds as the Ultimate Service Dog

Everyone is familiar with the extraordinary versatility of the German Shepherd Dog outside of the Conformation ring: Agility, Rally, Herding, Obedience, Avalanche, Schutzhund, Tracking, SAR...

German Shepherd Names - Agility In Action

For well over one hundred and twenty years the German Shepherd has been a pet, a protector, a police dog and originally a working herding dog. Breed for speed agility and most importantly...

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"Excellence in German Shepherd Temperament is our Specialty and our Breeding Standard for Over 30 Years".

German Shepherd Dog - German Shepherd Dogs

The German Shepherd also excels in many other activities such as tracking, obedience, schutzhund, agility, flyball and ring sports.

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Our German Shepherds are a passion for us. I enjoy the training and challenges of showing and training my dogs. Venues include AKC obedience, herding, agility and other performance dog sports.

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...Purebred working lines German Shepherd puppies for personal companionship and protection, law enforcement, tracking, detection, herding, agility, obedience, IPO, Schutzhund and nose work.

Hollow Hills/vom hohlen Huegel

We're members of the GSDCA-WDA, and of the SV in Germany, and our versatile German Shepherds successfully compete in schutzhund events, obedience trials, agility trials, dogs shows...

Learn about the German Shepherd Border Collie Mix - Dogable

Looking for more information about the German Shepherd Border Collie Mix? Check out all of the info you need regarding

Agility - White German Shepherd Dog Club of America

May 24, 2008 NADAC Agility Trial Zumbro Falls, MN. Read full article - No Comments. UAGII UKC GSD Ch. /

Agility - White German Shepherd Dog Club of America

May 24, 2008 NADAC Agility Trial Zumbro Falls, MN. Read full article - No Comments. UAGII UKC GSD Ch. /

Agility - White German Shepherd Dog Club of America

May 24, 2008 NADAC Agility Trial Zumbro Falls, MN. Read full article - No Comments. UAGII UKC GSD Ch. /

Agility - White German Shepherd Dog Club of America

May 24, 2008 NADAC Agility Trial Zumbro Falls, MN. Read full article - No Comments. UAGII UKC GSD Ch. /