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Every golfer compresses the golf ball on every full swing shots. In fact, the differences in the amount of compression across driver swing speeds are virtually indistinguishable as depicted in these photos taken from a high speed camera at...

Best Golf Ball for 85 mph to 90 mph Swing Speed

Your swing speed is fast enough to put a decent move on the ball so medium compression golf balls are an excellent choice. The only thing you need to decide is whether you want a urethane (soft and spinning) cover or a surlyn (firmer with less spin) cover.

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At least Srixon (and maybe a few others) go ahead and say "recommended swing speed range" which is a start.

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Golf ball compression may determine the distance of the ball. Golf ball compression figures into a golfer's game.

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Golf balls briefly transform shape at impact and the core needs to support this energy transfer. Golfers with slower swing speeds looking to gain distance tend to lean toward lower compression golf balls that maximize the spring-like effect created through impact.

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I really don't think you can "over compress" a golf ball, a lower compression ball will spring more and really result in better distance but harder to control.

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And golf balls should never feel like a rock. Because that can mess with your distance. So ditch 90 and 100 compression golf balls for 70 and 80 compression

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At this swing speed you will find that a ball with lower levels of compression will tend to travel a farther distance.

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Golfers like Tiger Woods, Rory Mcilroy, Jack Nicklaus, and many, many more! When you are talking about compression the effects of speed are very simple.

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For golfers with slow swing speeds and trouble on the approach, you can't do much better than this golf ball.

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Should golfers really go for balls that have higher compression ratings? Would these balls really improve one's game?

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Also, and contrary to a formerly universally held belief in golf, there is no correlation between a golfer's swing speed and how much compression he or she "needs." Again, insofar as compression is a consideration in selecting a golf ball, it's about feel.

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Generally speaking, players with lower swing speeds are going to want to use low compression balls, while those with powerful swings should opt for a high compression option. Most of the players you see on the professional tours use high compression golf balls...

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Today we will look at the golf ball compression chart from a basic level to the advanced, while addressing your burning questions

How to Compress the Heck out of a Golf Ball

What happens if I try to get some forward shaft lean, to really compress that ball, to get that more compression, and to get that hard-hit shot?

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If your swing speed is less than 95 mph, you will be unable to compress the deep core layer of this golf ball.

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Golfers with slower swing speeds should usually select a golf ball with a low compression rating, while those with a faster swing speed should choose a ball with a higher compression rating. The lower the compression rating, the easier it is for the golf ball to compress at impact and create a...

Best Golf Balls For Low Compression

Best Golf Balls For Slow Swing Speed. For players with slower swing speed, using low-compression ball can help with distance. Dimple surface might also help to achieve better flight trajectory.

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Golf Balls. Submitted by reedclfd on Thu, 03/21/2013 - 01:07. As the Surge/Doc mentioned, a good ball to try in colder weather is the Wilson "Elite 50" low-compression ball. I'm 68 and have a slow swing speed (about 72mph).

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Golf ball compression is split into three levels to make it easier to pick the proper compression for your swing speed and overall needs.

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How to Compress a Golf Ball Series - Increase Swing Speed - Video 1 of Golf Instruction.

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This is "Swing speed & compression for golf ball selection" by Snell Golf on Vimeo, the home for high quality videos and the people who love them.

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golf ball swing speed chart - Always Golf. 1834 x 804 jpeg 223 КБ. Swing Speed Versus Distance Chart - Swing speed distance ...

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Compression is important because it affects how a ball feels when it comes off the head of the club. Generally, the slower your swing speed, the lower the compression of golf ball you should use.

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Slow-swinging players like you should buy golf balls with a compression of 70 to 90 so that you can cover more distance while retaining that soft feel

What Is the Best Golf Ball for Players With Slow Swing Speeds?

A golf ball gets its distance from the amount of compression/rebound inside the ball that is produced based on the speed of the club head connecting with the ball. Players with slower swings are not able to produce much compression.

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I recently got my swing monitored and it turns out my swing speed is 80MPH. So with that information i ask what balls would be good for me with that swing speed. Also if you know the golf ball compression that would be good for my swing speed.

Super Low Compression Golf Balls

For a long time, golf ball manufacturers have provided balls with lower compression ratings (around 70) to help golfers with slower swing speeds to better compress the golf ball.

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Photo Packaging Product Credit: Swing Speed When golfers become serious about their swing, they look to the golf ball compression chart to match their swing speed to the correct compression.

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Lower compression golf balls are softer and more suited to the slower swing speeds or beginners whereas higher compression golf balls require higher swing speeds in order to gain maximum control.

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The Q-Star Tour is a premium, lower-compression golf ball with a urethane cover designed especially for golfers with moderate swing speeds who demand the performance and feel of a tour ball.

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Since your goal is to compress the ball most efficiently for your swing speed, 2 piece balls come in a variety of ball compressions. Recommended 2 Piece Golf Balls for Moderate/Slower Swing Speeds (<=90 mph)

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Swing Speed and Compression. The majority of amateur players have swing speeds lower than 90 mph. They will not benefit as much from the same golf balls their favorite professional players use as they would from a ball with lower compression.

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Low-compression golf balls also are easier to launch into the air, another key factor in obtaining maximum distance. High-compression balls are most suitable for golfers who produce high swing speeds, which can range over 120 mph for top professionals.

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Some say the weaknesses of average golfers can be addressed better with certain types of balls. For example, a low-compression ball might be easier to launch high for players with slow swing speeds. Being custom-fit for a golf ball on a launch monitor can highlight differences, as can...

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Players with slower swing speeds. Players who are prone to hook or slice. High-handicap players. Lower compression-rated golf balls offer higher spin rates, greater feel and control. Because it is softer, the ball remains in contact with the club face longer...

Compress the Golf Ball

The white line connecting the two represents the amount of compression "experienced" by the golf ball.

Golf ball speed limits

My Callaway Fti Driver has a huge sweet spot (perfect for a beginner like me), but best of all, it keeps a dimple imprint, showing the amount of ball compression after my swing. Below, we see the clear evidence of the golf ball impression with about a 90 MPH club head speed (225 yard drive)

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These multiple layered golf balls require greater golf swing speeds in order to achieve optimum compression at impact. If the compression of the ball doesn't match the golfer's swing speed, either over-compression or under-compression will occur causing a loss of distance.

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High handicap golf balls have low compression and a hard cover which deliver more distance and less spin than other balls. Because high handicap golfers have lower swing speeds, they will benefit from the added distance.

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Typically, 2-piece golf balls are designed for distance and offered at a lower price point. The hot new trend in 2-piece balls is a lower compression ball combined with a coverstock that offers a super-soft feeling at impact. Players with slower swing speeds are really driving the market to produce these...

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Their TruSoft golf balls for seniors offer soft compression, which ensures 10-15 yards longer distance through the low long game spin. These balls are suited not just for seniors but also high handicappers and other players with 90 mph or less swing speed.

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A low compression golf ball typically has a softer feel and is geared toward golfers with lower swing speeds to compress the golf ball and get maximum distance.

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All golf balls have compression. This is how much the ball flattens when the club face hits it. Generally, if you have a slower swing speed, you will want to use a ball with a softer compression.

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Have you ever heard the term "low compression golf balls?" Do you know what they are and what type of golfer should use them?

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The Z-STAR SL is for golfers who don't (yet) have a tour-level swing speed (below 85 mph), but want the playability of a tour golf ball. This low-compression, three-piece golf ball offers a high launch angle and exceptional greenside spin.

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Interview: bridgestone golf ball philosophy. However, a Bridgestone Tour rep told us: "Our concept is quite simple - for every single golfer there is optimum compression. We're all different and it's our job to match that swing speed to the correct golf ball.

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Titleist DT SoLo Golf Balls (One Dozen). The DT Carry is a 2 piece golf ball with a surlyn cover and is made for amateurs with slower swing speeds. This offers a good low compression / distance golf ball.

What is meant by golf ball compression?

In general it is considered that at faster swing speeds of around 95mph and upwards there can be a fall off in ball speed of a softer compression ball relative to a firmer ball.

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I recommend a swing speed radar. You will be shocked how easy swings, maximizing leverage, go way faster than hard swings with a lot of effort.

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A 2 piece golf ball is usually much harder as it has reduced layers and will fly the farthest. Minimal compression for slow swinging golfers (less than 90 MPH) is advised for longer drives.

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The Titleist AVX golf ball is best suited for a player with a slightly slower swing speed who is looking to capitalize on the lower compression and extra distance provided by the AVX.

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For an average golfer with swing speed around 90 mph, here are some comparisons between playing at 40 degrees F (4 deg C) and 80 degrees F (27 C).

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A great all-around golf ball, the Srixon Soft Feel golf balls are the best choice for those with lower swing speeds. Beginners will love these balls as they have low compression cores that increase energy transmission for a good distance off the tee.

Golf Swing - Hitting Solid Iron Shots and Compressing the Golf Ball

In this video Tim Johnson, PGA Professional talks about the importance hitting down on the golf ball, balance in the golf swing, and how this will lead to solid iron shots.

Volvik Vivid Golf Balls, Prior Generation (One Dozen)

The Vivid is a 3-piece, 80 compression ball that has tested as one of the longest golf balls on the market today, especially for slower to medium swing speeds. Matte finishes are all the rage these days, from football helmets to cars and now to golf balls!

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This new dual/two piece core design features a larger inner core that maximizes compression at impact.

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All aspects of the game are covered and it all comes down to one thing ... the golf swing!!! App features: ** Keep your own set of user notes. *

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The best golf swing tips and drill to improve your backswing, contact of the golf ball and compression.